TCP Transport Specification


The individual transport specifications allow NVM Express to isolate and independently evolve transports for evolving memory and fabric transports. The NVM Express® (NVMe®) 2.0 specifications define the theory of operations for transports in the NVMe Base specification and the mapping of specific transports to individual specifications.

What is the TCP Transport specification?

NVMe/TCP defines the mapping of NVMe queues, NVMe-oF capsules and data delivery over the IETF Transport Control Protocol (TCP). The NVMe/TCP transport offers optional enhancements such as inline data integrity (DIGEST) and online Transport Layer Security (TLS).

NVMe/TCP enables efficient end-to-end NVMe operations between NVMe-oF host(s) and NVMe-oF controller devices interconnected by any standard IP network with excellent performance and latency characteristics. This allows large-scale data centers to utilize their existing ubiquitous Ethernet infrastructure with multi-layered switch topologies and traditional Ethernet network adapters. NVMe/TCP is designed to layer over existing software-based TCP transport implementations and future hardware accelerated implementations.