What makes NVMe architecture so efficient?

The NVMe architecture brings a new high performance queuing mechanism that supports 65,535 I/O queues each with 65,535 commands (referred to as queue depth, or the number of outstanding commands). Queues are mapped to CPU cores delivering scalable performance. The NVMe interface significantly reduces the number of memory-mapped input/output commands… Read More

What prompted the creation of the NVMe specification?

The NVMe specification was developed from the ground up for SSDs and non-volatile memory to be more scalable, higher performance, lower latency, and more efficient than previous storage protocols that were designed for hard disk drives, for instance, SATA and SAS. Read More

What is the NVMe specification?

The NVMe Express™ (NVMe™) specification defines how host software communicates with non-volatile memory across multiple transports like a PCI Express® (PCIe®), RDMA, TCP/IP and more. It is the industry standard for solid state drives (SSDs) in all form factors. Read More

How is NVM Express structured?

NVM Express is an incorporated non-profit industry organization. There are three categories of members, Promoters, Contributors, and Adopters. The NVM Express group is led by 13 Promoter companies who have board seats and provide overall governance. Promoters are elected and serve two-year terms. Contributor companies are welcome to participate in… Read More