What NVMe technology features are for enterprise storage?

ANA. No disruptive failover of storage paths is essential for enterprise storage. It ensures that if there’s a failure in a path the access to the storage will not be disrupted but a switchover will non-disruptively overcome this issue. Enterprise Storage needs to be available all the time. Read More

What NVMe technology features are for data centers?

NVMe technology has become the go-to storage protocol solution for today‚Äôs data centers which were lacking full support previously. The addition of NVMe-oF technology makes NVMe solutions easier to implement than ever across the data center ecosystem. The NVMe-oF protocol allows optimal performance for both applications and the network when… Read More

What market segments is NVMe technology targeted at?

NVMe technology is targeted at SSDs in the client, mobile, desktop, workstation, server, hyperscale, enterprise, storage segments (all SSD segments). NVMe capable servers and systems are part of the NVMe market, as well as NVMe-oF networking adapters, all-flash arrays, and many other NVMe capable products. NVMe architecture is now much… Read More

What is the difference between in-band and out of band support?

In-band means sending commands in an operating system through a standard NVMe driver and commands, while out-of-band means outside of the operating system knowledge, most commonly done with a host BMC through the SMBUS protocol, but now can be done over PCIe vendor defined messages as well. Read More