What is Enclosure Management?

Enclosure management is a way to monitor the physical presence of SSDs in an enclosure (find out what slot an SSD is in, operate LEDs), which may be a storage array, a JBOD/JBOF, etc., monitor temperature and fan speed, and send management commands to the SSDs from the storage enclosure. Read More

What prompted the creation of the NVMe-MI specification?

The NVMe-MI specification was created to define a command set and architecture for managing NVMe storage, making it possible to discover, monitor, configure, and update NVMe devices in multiple operating environments. It started with just out-of-band management for OS agnostic management of SSDs over SMBUS, to have a standard way… Read More

What is the NVMe-MI specification?

The NVMe-MI specification defines a command set and architecture for managing NVMe storage. NVMe-MI technology provides an industry standard for the management of NVMe devices in-band (through an operating system) and out-of-band (usually through a BMC, or baseboard management controller). Anchor features include standardized NVMe enclosure management, the ability to… Read More

What does Enhanced Discovery mean?

The NVMe-oF 1.1 specification included several framework improvements to make NVMe-oF implementations easier. These improvements included enhanced discovery features, officially defined in ratified Technical Proposal (TP) 8002. This TP added persistent controller support for discovery to notify hosts when the fabric configuration changes. NVMe-oF 1.0 discovery offered the following capabilities:… Read More

What does transport agnostic mean?

The NVM Express specification is built so that it can be utilized across multiple transports beyond PCI Express architecture, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband and RDMA. Read More

Why should I adopt NVMe architecture? Is it worth the cost?

Yes. Many analysts show that there isn’t a premium for NVMe technology over SATA or SAS SSDs due to a broad market, competition, multiple vendors and general availability. There is no reason users and companies should not be deploying NVMe architecture over other legacy storage protocols. Read More

What is key value?

The NVMe Key Value (KV) Command Set has been standardized as one of the new I/O Command Sets that the NVMe specification supports. NVMe-KV allows access to data on an NVMe SSD controller using a key rather than a block address. The NVMe-KV Command Set provides the key to store… Read More