NVMe Lessons Learned – Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems – Flash Memory Summit 2016

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Chairperson/Organizer: Tom Heil, Sr Systems Architect, Broadcom Panelists: Gary Kotzur, Executive Director/Sr Distinguished Engineer, Dell Ziv Serlin, Director System Architectures, E8 Storage Donald Faw, Principal Engineer/Staff Architect, Intel Tim Emami, Technical Director, NetApp Chris Petersen, Hardware Systems Engineer, Facebook Forum Description - Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems The industry is intent on unleashing the [...]

NVMe Drivers at Flash Memory Summit 2016

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NVMe drivers are now available for all the most popular operating systems. Practitioners must understand the latest key features and architectural innovations, as well as how to achieve top performance on both client and server platforms. The drivers also have non-obvious features that enable more flexible and robust system implementations. Many new capabilities have been [...]

“NVM Express in the Linux Stack” — Webcast on May 12, 2016

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  Curious about NVM Express and Linux? Register for our upcoming webcast, May 12 at 11 AM Pacific time, with presenters Keith Busch, Intel and Matias Bjørling, CNEX and moderator Stephen Bates, Microsemi. Here's a synopsis of what they will cover: NVM Express is becoming the de-facto standard for talking to Non-Volatile Memory over PCI [...]