NVMe Lessons Learned – Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems – Flash Memory Summit 2016

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Chairperson/Organizer: Tom Heil, Sr Systems Architect, Broadcom

  • Gary Kotzur, Executive Director/Sr Distinguished Engineer, Dell
  • Ziv Serlin, Director System Architectures, E8 Storage
  • Donald Faw, Principal Engineer/Staff Architect, Intel
  • Tim Emami, Technical Director, NetApp
  • Chris Petersen, Hardware Systems Engineer, Facebook

Forum Description – Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems

The industry is intent on unleashing the performance potential of NVMe flash storage in data centers, websites, clouds, and other facilities. However, deploying NVMe flash beyond early-market PCIe host bus adapters is pushing the interface well past its traditional role handling a few in-server (non-serviceable) adapter slots. Expanding NVMe flash’s role beyond simple caching into the broader storage infrastructure introduces many challenges. They include new power/cooling and routing paradigms, robust serviceability and manageability, scalability within and beyond the server, multi-server and high-availability topologies, and non-disruptive deployment strategies.

Real system developers can provide insight and practical advice on the leading edge of NVMe flash deployment, across a span of boundary-pushing use cases. What problems or limitations are they facing and how are they overcoming them? What feedback would they provide to ecosystem suppliers such as SSD vendors, driver and software developers, switch vendors, and standards bodies)? What might they do differently in the future?

Intended Audience:
Intended Audience: Hardware and software designers, engineering managers, storage designers, storage engineers and specialists, product planners, product managers and product marketing managers, interface specialists, system engineers and managers, and marketing managers.

NVMe Lessons Learned – Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems – Flash Memory Summit 2016