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NVM Express, Inc.’s new on-demand webcast titled NVMe 1.3 - Learn What's New! offers an overview of the new and improved features in the NVMe 1.3 specification. Description: NVM Express (NVMe™) 1.3 specification expands reach of fast storage for enterprise, client, and cloud power users by adding capabilities that meet the unique needs of each [...]

NVM Express Plugfest #7 Scheduled for May 22-25, 2017

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The next NVM Express Plugfest will take place May 22-25 at UNH-IOL in Durham, New Hampshire.   New test requirements will be introduced, and a new Integrators List for NVM Express Management Interface will be launched.   Experimental tracks will be held for NVM Express over Fabrics tests as well. Registration will close May 1, 2017.  [...]

New Webcast: “NVM Express® – The Next Step for Faster Flash,” Dec. 15 at 10 AM PT

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The industry broadly recognizes, and is intent on unleashing, the inherent performance potential of NVMeTM flash storage in the datacenter storage hierarchy. NVMe has now become part of the mainstream market for faster storage, with server vendors generally supporting NVMe technologies today and 19 or more storage vendors planning and deploying dedicated or hybrid NVMe-based [...]

Webcast scheduled: NVM Express over Fabrics panel discussion, Oct. 20, 10 AM PT

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NVM Express, Inc. has scheduled a new webcast -- it is a panel discussion of NVMeTM over Fabrics, on Thursday, October 20, at 10 AM Pacific time. Description:  NVM Express(R) over Fabrics has the promise of unleashing the potential performance of NVMeTM drives in a scalable manner by leveraging the capabilities of mainstream high-performance interconnects. [...]

Did you miss the Plugfest webinar? Recording now available

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If you couldn't attend the August 30 webinar about the upcoming NVM Express Plugfest, to be held October 3-6 at UNH-IOL, you can view the recorded event to learn about the 100+ new tests in the NVMe™ Conformance Test Suite and a number of new tests for the NVMe™ Interop Test Suite.  And, if you are planning [...]

NVMe Lessons Learned – Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems – Flash Memory Summit 2016

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Chairperson/Organizer: Tom Heil, Sr Systems Architect, Broadcom Panelists: Gary Kotzur, Executive Director/Sr Distinguished Engineer, Dell Ziv Serlin, Director System Architectures, E8 Storage Donald Faw, Principal Engineer/Staff Architect, Intel Tim Emami, Technical Director, NetApp Chris Petersen, Hardware Systems Engineer, Facebook Forum Description - Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems The industry is intent on unleashing the [...]