UTHLooking for a quick explanation of NVM Express? In 3 minutes, Intel’s Amber Huffman, the chair of the NVM Express Workgroup, explains why Datacenter customers should adopt NVM Express (NVMe) in a short video as part of the Under the Hood series.  Amber explains how using SSDs as a drop-in replacement with legacy interfaces like SATA and SAS limits the performance you could be getting from your storage investments.Under the hood  Built from the ground up for current and future generations of Non-Volatile Memory, NVMe brings lower latency and Total Cost of Ownership while delivering higher IOPs to PCIe Solid-State Drives.  Future proof your Datacenter for the NVM of today and tomorrow by adopting NVM Express.  Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACyTonhxXd8.