Webcast scheduled: NVM Express over Fabrics panel discussion, Oct. 20, 10 AM PT


NVM Express, Inc. has scheduled a new webcast — it is a panel discussion of NVMeTM over Fabrics, on Thursday, October 20, at 10 AM Pacific time.

Description:  NVM Express(R) over Fabrics has the promise of unleashing the potential performance of NVMeTM drives in a scalable manner by leveraging the capabilities of mainstream high-performance interconnects. There are already several fabrics that have taken the lead in proposed deployments, and others that are being considered. This panel of technologists reviews the benefits of using different fabrics as the platform for this new initiative, and explores how what value they bring to the party for specific applications and workloads. Is one fabric the clear winner, or does the choice depend upon what the end-user is trying to accomplish?

Panelists are Brandon Hoff, Broadcom; Keith Deierling, Mellanox Technologies; Fazil Osman, Broadcom; and Praveen Midha, Qlogic.

Register to attend the session live — if you can’t make this time, the same link will take you to the recording that will be posted immediately afterwards.