The NVM Express Linux driver development utilizes the typical open-source process used by  The development mailing list is

Join the mailing list and review earlier posts to the list at

There are not currently meetings scheduled; meetings are held based on developer request/needs.  Logistics are announced via the e-mail list.

Patches are sent to the development mailing list. The NVM Express maintainer (Matthew Wilcox) will apply the patches. The review process is initiated when a patch is sent to the email list above.

All major Linux distributions have NVMe driver in-box support. Please, check with OS vendor. If you are using another distribution that does not have the NVMe driver, or you are searching for the latest update which may be not implemented in the distribution, then you can update it as the part of the kernel update.

The current status of the driver is included in the kernel (3.3 or later). All NVMe block driver changes are hosted directly in the kernel repository at

The driver supports the mandatory features of the NVMe 1.0c specification.

Note: please, avoid using legacy repository at while still keep it for the tracking purposes.

The driver supports the NVM Express initiative. For more information visit