NVMe™ SSD Management, Error Reporting and Logging Capabilities

Webcast Presentation

NVM Express is dedicated to making the management of NVMe SSDs simple. To achieve this, the organization has built many capabilities into NVMe architecture to enable NVMe SSD management, error reporting and logging capabilities.

SSD errors could include hardware failure, integrity errors, media errors, temperature issues and more. Tools such as enhance error reporting, logging, management, debugging and telemetry help ensure that a failure of an NVMe SSD does not cause data corruption or loss of data. The webcast presenters will provide an overview of how SSDs fail, the various tools used to help predict and prevent errors from happening, as well as how to implement them.


  • Jonmichael Hands, Sr. Strategic Planner & Product Manager, Intel SSDs, Co-Chair NVMe Marketing Workgroup
  • Rohit Gupta, Segment Marketing, Western Digital
  • Bill Martin, SSD IO Standards, Samsung