NVMe® Computational Storage: From Addressing Ransomware to Improving Bandwidth

Webcast Presentation

Cloud, enterprise and IoT spaces are currently processing an unprecedented amount of data to meet the ever-evolving demands of the storage industry. The demand is leading to increased network bandwidth usage, host memory and CPU utilization and system performance bottlenecks. The NVM Express® (NVMe®) Computational Storage feature addresses these performance issues and enables a standardized mechanism for vendors to include streamlined computational features across their architectures.

In this webinar, presenters from IBM and Solidigm will share real world use cases about how their companies are currently leveraging Computational Storage. Solidigm will discuss how it is using Computational Storage to free up cycles from the host, improve network bandwidth and maintain data integrity. IBM will share how it is leveraging Computational Storage to create a set of algorithms that detect ransomware issues.


  • Jason Molgaard, Principal Storage Solutions Architect, Solidigm
  • Scott Shadley, Director of Strategic Planning, Solidigm
  • Tim Fisher, STSM, FlashCore Module Chief Architect, IBM