NVMe® Compliance Program: Preparing to Test New Features

Webcast Presentation

The NVM Express® (NVMe®) specification and implementations have come a long way since 2013, when the NVM Express organization and UNH-IOL partnered to form the official NVM Express technology compliance program. As the specifications have evolved over the past decade, compliance and interoperability testing has become more complicated as new features and testing requirements have been added for features such as Flexible Data Placement (FDP), Cross Namespace Copy and the upcoming Computational Storage Command Set.

In this webinar, we will discuss the current status of NVMe compliance testing, included the testing requirements for the newest features like Performance Characteristics Reporting Feature, Dispersed Namespaces and more. Finally, we will discuss future testing and how companies can become “test ready” for the upcoming Zoned Name Space (ZNS) over Fabrics and FDP features.


  • Carter Snay, UNH-IOL