Discovery Automation Enhancement: Enabling NVMe Over IP-Based Fabrics Systems

Webcast Presentation

Using a Centralized Discovery Controller (CDC) with NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) on IP-based fabrics, such as NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RDMA, enables overcoming discovery challenges and has the potential to provide significant benefits in application environments, ranging from the edge to the data center. Leveraging automated discovery, each host and subsystem of an NVMe IP-based SAN automatically discovers the CDC, which aggregates discovery information and connectivity constraints for all hosts and subsystems. By simplifying and automating the discovery process and enabling administrative configuration of connectivity constraints with NVMe fabric zoning in NVMe IP-based SANs, data center environments can experience reduced overhead with a more centralized system. Discovery automation and NVMe fabric zoning provide a clean evolution of existing host discovery by utilizing existing functionality in a more efficient way.

View this webinar featuring technology experts from Dell and HPE covering the collaborative efforts toward creating Discovery Automation enhancements. The presenters reviewed the Discovery Automation roadmap, discuss recent enhancements and the new zoning. Finally, the presenters reviewed use cases and how the zoning has been made available for new use types.


Curtis Ballard, HPE

Claudio Desanti, Dell

Erik Smith, Dell