Mellanox Spectrum SN2010 NVMe over Fabrics™ Ethernet switch with Cumulus Linux


Mellanox Spectrum SN2010 switches are available with Cumulus Linux at 10, 25, 40, 50, and 100GbE speeds to bring web-scale IT efficiency to NVMe-oF and other data center networking. This combination of Open Ethernet with disaggregation of switch hardware is ideal for large-scale NVMe over Fabrics™ (NVMe-oF™) deployments. Customers enjoy best-in-class switching hardware and software [...]

Mellanox ConnectX-5 NVMe over Fabrics™ Ethernet Adapter


ConnectX-5 Intelligent adapters introduce new acceleration engines for maximizing NVMe over Fabrics™ (NVMe-oF™) connectivity. They support two ports of 100Gb/s Ethernet and InfiniBand connectivity, sub-700 nanosecond latency, and a very high message rate, plus NVMe-oF, TCP, and RDMA offloads, providing the highest performance and most flexible networking. Accelerators for SPDK, T-10 DIF, and erasure coding [...]

Mellanox ConnectX-4 EN NVMe over Fabrics™ Ethernet Adapter


ConnectX-4 EN Network Controllers with 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity support NVMe over Fabrics™ (NVMe-oF™) using RoCE or TCP. They provide the highest performance and most flexible networking solution for flash storage, cloud, big data, analytics, and database workloads. ConnectX-4 EN provides exceptional high networking performance for flash storage and hyperconverged infrastructure. It includes fast hardware offloads [...]

Mellanox Spectrum SN2410 NVMe over Fabrics™ Ethernet switch with Onyx


Mellanox's innovative Spectrum Open Ethernet switches provides NVMe over Fabrics™ (NVMe-oF™) users with high scalability, low latency, and virtualized fabric capabilities. Spectrum delivers extremely high performance, high port densities, low overall costs, low power consumption, and simplified management.  The SN2410 switch delivers 48 ports at 10/25GbE for server and workstation connectivity plus 8 ports at [...]

Kazan Onyx NVMe-oF™ Target Adapter


Designed specifically to enable NVMe™ JBOFs to connect directly to an NVMe-oF™ network, Kazan Networks Onyx adapter plugs into a standard x16 PCIe® slot in a JBOF.  Supports 1x100Gb or 2x50Gb on a standard Ethernet fabric. A single Onyx board is capable of delivering 2.8M IOPS (4kB) and over 11.5 GB/s of bandwidth, all at [...]

Cisco MDS 9700 Directors Fabrics


The Cisco MDS 9700 Series Multilayer Directors provide the most scalable, flexible and future proof investment protection Enterprise Class platforms to meet customer’s Storage Area Networking requirements. With integrated 32G Fibre Channel, 10GE/40GE FCoE, 1/10/40GE FCIP and FICON support, the MDS 9700 provides unparalleled ability to meet current all-flash storage requirements as well as future [...]

Cisco MDS 9132T Fabric Switch Fabrics


The Cisco MDS 9100 Series Multilayer Fabric Switches provide your organization the flexible, agile, cost effective and highly available platform to scale from 8 ports to 48 ports of 32G fibre channel connectivity for today's SCSI and tomorrow's NVMe™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) high performance all-flash storage connectivity requirements. Integrated state-of-the-art analytics and telemetry capability provide [...]

Toshiba Storage Node Software


Toshiba's Storage Node Software is an NVMe over Fabrics target implementation of extremely fast block storage that is both disaggregated and abstracted for efficiency and economics. It enables optimal allocation of ‘just the right amount’ of high performance, low-latency NVMe storage capacity to each application. It also offers secure REST APIs that integrate seamlessly with [...]

QLogic® 2700 Series Adapters from Cavium


QLogic® 2700 Series Adapters from Cavium® support NVMe over Fibre Channel protocol and can simultaneously support NVMe and FCP-SCSI storage traffic on the same adapter and even on the same port. NVMe works best with a network that can provide lossless, low-latency and high-performing transport. The QLogic 2700 Series Gen 6 Adapters bring the best [...]