Project Description

Designed specifically to enable NVMe™ JBOFs to connect directly to an NVMe-oF™ network, Kazan Networks Onyx adapter plugs into a standard x16 PCIe® slot in a JBOF.  Supports 1x100Gb or 2x50Gb on a standard Ethernet fabric. A single Onyx board is capable of delivering 2.8M IOPS (4kB) and over 11.5 GB/s of bandwidth, all at less than 10W of total power.  Add up to 6 Onyx adapters to a 2U/24SSD JBOF and you will achieve performance topping 16M IOPS / 68GB/s!  Supports RoCE v1,v2 and iWARP, all without requiring lossless networking.

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