Kazan Networks – NVMe-oF Target Bridge

>>Kazan Networks – NVMe-oF Target Bridge
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Project Description

Kazan Networks has developed the industry’s first stand-alone NVMe-oF™  bridge adapter, codenamed “Magma”. This fully standard-compliant, self-contained bridge solution offers plug-and-play connectivity between an NVMe-oF Fabric™ (Ethernet) and NVMe™ SSDs (with fanout via a PCIe switch).  Unlike other RNIC-based solutions, this high-performance bridge does not require an expensive and power-hungry embedded processor running a driver. It is the only such solution supporting both RoCE (v1,v2) and iWARP protocol support, with simultaneous, interleaved traffic from heterogenous initiators.  A single Magma is capable of 2.6M IOPS (4kB) and over 10GB/s of bandwidth; Magma has been proven to scale to over 15M IOPS per 2U/24SSD shelf when installing up to 6 per system.


Project Details