Project Description

The Emulex® LPe35000 Gen 7 Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), which support NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™), by Broadcom are designed for demanding mission-critical workloads and emerging applications.

Applications continue to grow and scale and, to support them, enterprises are increasingly turning to new server technologies that contain hundreds of processor cores as well as high-performance storage solutions including low-latency NVMe all-flash arrays (AFAs). NVMe can significantly increase the performance of storage area networks (SANs), making the selection of high-speed networking technology the critical element for achieving maximum system-wide performance.

Fibre Channel is purpose-built for storage networks, meeting the requirements for high availability, scalability, predictable performance and low latency. Compared to the previous generation, Emulex Gen 7 FC HBAs offer up to 2x higher bandwidth, 3x better latency, enhanced security, and operational efficiency for 32GFC and 64GFC SANs.

Emulex LPe35000-series HBAs are available with single, dual, or quad 32GFC optics that can be upgraded with 64GFC optics to tackle the toughest workloads and future NVMe deployments. Gen 7 32GFC provides seamless backward compatibility to 16GFC and 8GFC networks. (Please see Emulex technical support for further details on 64GFC optic kit upgrades and 4 port support).