PCIe Storage for Enterprise Applications


Oracle is a vendor of software, hardware, and integrated engineered systems with advanced system architectures that are optimized for Oracle applications from the ground up.  To continue to improve the performance and reliability of our engineered systems and applications, Oracle is constantly evaluating and adopting system components and component-level innovations in processors, memory subsystems, and IO subsystems.  Flash SSDs have proven themselves to be of high value to enterprise-level applications that need to serve enterprise-scale transactional loads.  As the interface of flash SSDs transitions to using native PCIe protocols, I am excited about NVMe Express which is a leading technology standard truly designed from the ground up for using non-volatile memory, thereby allowing applications another step up in performance, efficiency, and manageability.  I look forward to the possibility of enabling future applications that can take advantage of the emerging PCIe storage and PCIe non-volatile memory ecosystem.

Janet Wu
NVMe Board member
Principal Software Engineer, Oracle