NVM Express Member Spotlight: KIOXIA


The “NVM Express Member Spotlight” is a new blog series targeted at highlighting our diverse membership and how they leverage and contribute to the NVM Express technology ecosystem. NVM Express members help to develop, advance and promote NVM Express® (NVMe®) technology in the industry. If your company would like to join NVM Express, you can learn more about membership on the NVM Express website.

In this blog, Cameron Brett, Sr. Director of Enterprise and Cloud Storage Marketing, discusses why KIOXIA joined NVM Express, how they contribute to NVM Express working groups and the NVMe technology ecosystem.

Can you provide a brief overview of your company? 

KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba Memory) is the inventor of NAND flash memory and a leading supplier of flash memory and SSDs.

Why did your company join NVM Express?

NVM Express is the future of SSDs and flash-based storage. We wanted to help lead and innovate with the industry and promote the use of the technology to develop cutting edge SSDs that are the fastest possible products for enterprise/cloud data centers and client applications.

What is the biggest advantage of NVM Express membership and how does your company participate?

KIOXIA participates in the Technical Working Group (TWG), the Marketing Working Group (MWG) and has been a board member. A great advantage of being a part of NVM Express is being on, and helping to create, the leading-edge technology innovations, and drive the industry forward.

What expertise does your company bring to NVM Express?

For the TWG, KIOXIA brings technical expertise in NAND flash, SSD and standards definitions. KIOXIA brings a broad range of technology and solutions marketing capabilities to the MWG.

Which market segments and use cases benefit the most from NVMe technology?

There are three main SSD categories that benefit from NVMe technology: client (tablets, laptops, PCs), data center (cloud, hyperscale) and enterprise (traditional server and storage). NVMe technology brings specific benefits to each of these use case categories.

Which products has your company developed using the NVMe family of specifications?

KIOXIA offers one of the industry’s broadest SSD portfolios built on NVMe technology, in all three main categories, in a variety of form factors, and offers security/encryption options. With additional participation in technology standards like PCI Express, we can make leading-edge NVMe solutions to power next-generation storage for data centers.

Which future applications of NVMe technology is your company most looking forward to?

Today, AI/ML and hyperscale use cases are fueling a lot of growth for flash storage, and most of that growth is on NVMe storage technology.

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