NVM Express Makes a Splash at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2023: Session Slides & Videos Now Available


By: Cameron Brett and Kerry Munson, NVM Express Marketing Work Group Chairs

Another successful Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is in the books! NVM Express technical experts showcased the latest NVM Express® (NVMe®) technology developments and updates during our sponsored speaker track. Our sessions covered innovative new features like Computational Storage, Flexible Data Placement (FDP), Live Migration and much more. Additionally, our presentations generated lively discussion and increased interest in NVMe technology use cases evidenced by engaging attendee questions and follow-ups.  In case you missed our speaker track, the presentation recordings are available on YouTube and the slides are available on our website.

NVM Express FDP Feature Wins Most Innovative Memory Technology Award

Beyond our presentation track, NVMe FDP received the FMS Best of Show award for the Most Innovative Memory Technology category. A special thanks goes out to all our members who helped define and deliver the NVMe FDP feature. FDP enables the host to provide hints to an NVMe device on optimal data placement, helping to reduce write amplification and removing the need for overprovisioning. You can find more information about FDP by reading our educational blog and viewing our overview video.

Join NVM Express

Thank you all for joining us at FMS 2023. We are excited to see the storage community’s ongoing interest and engagement in the advancement of the NVMe family of specifications as we continue to meet the evolving use cases across hyperscale and enterprise data centers.

We welcome you to join the NVM Express organization to participate in our ongoing efforts to develop and deliver important storage technology. By becoming a member, you will have access to the numerous working groups, which consist of over 100 member companies each collaborating to deliver updates to NVMe technology.

We hope to see you in our upcoming working group meetings and also at FMS 2024.