NVM Express Honors the Contributors to the NVMe-oF™ Boot Specification and the Timberland SIG Reference Implementation


NVM Express is proud to recognize the contributors to the NVM Express® (NVMe®) over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) Boot specification, developed by the NVMe Boot Task Group, and to the boot specification compliant reference code, developed by the Timberland SIG. This award highlights each of the key members who have provided significant contributions to the development of the NVMe-oF Boot specification and the Timberland SIG reference code.

The NVMe-oF Boot specification forms the foundation of a multi-vendor solution to boot computer systems from OS images stored on NVMe devices across a fabric, necessary for large-scale deployments. Additionally, the reference code developed by the Timberland SIG, in partnership with NVM Express, provides example BIOS code and supporting features for NVMe-oF technology, including nvme-cli and libnvme software. With numerous benefits for enterprise and hyperscale data centers, including improved stability and consistent network functionality.

Find the full list of recipients below.

NVMe-oF Boot Specification and Timberland SIG Reference Implementation Contributors:

Phil Cayton, Intel

Douglas Farley, Dell

John Meneghini, Red Hat

Rob Davis, NVIDIA

Lenny Szubowicz, Red Hat

Richelle Ahlvers, Intel

Curtis Ballard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Trevor Cockrell, Dell

Stuart Hayes, Dell

Maciej Rabeda, Intel

Charles Rose, Dell

Martin Wilck, SUSE

NVM Express is pleased to thank the contributors of the NVMe-oF Boot specification and the Timberland SIG reference code. Thanks to the ongoing dedication and contributions of our membership, NVM Express can continue to expand the NVMe family of specifications to address new use cases and industry challenges across enterprise and hyperscale data centers.

View the NVMe-oF Boot specification on our website and find additional information on the Timberland SIG reference implementation on GitHub.