NVM Express & Flash Memory Summit


Finally getting caught up after 3 days at Flash Memory Summit. Rather than posting a normal summary of the event, two of the NVM Express members decided to take a different approach and provide observations through the eyes of someone new to the Storage market and through the eyes of a seasoned veteran.

Storage Newbie – Wow! There are a lot of people attending Flash Memory Summit. As someone new to the industry, I didn’t realize so much was taking place… Big Data, Cloud… Petabytes are the new Terabytes, Exabytes???… The next generation of Flash… There are definitely opportunities for NVM technologies and it’s great to see the industry rallying behind them. While the Keynotes and Tutorials provided great information, my highlight of the show was the turnout at the sessions discussing NVM Express. Over 150 attendees packed the room to hear about NVM Express from experts from Dell, EMC, IDT, Intel, LSI, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, STEC and University of New Hampshire Inter-Operability Lab. From the discussion, it’s obvious, there is a lot of interest in NVM Express from the industry. Can’t wait to get to the Intel Developers Forum, September 11-13  with 14 companies and SNIA participating in the NVM Express Showcase to show how quickly this technology is coming to market.

Seasoned Veteran – FMS = Awesome! This show keeps getting bigger every year!  Hot items this year were SSD’s, the Cloud, and the next generation of NVM technologies.  NVM Express is generating a tremendous amount of interest and is being supported from key industry leaders like Dell, EMC, IDT, Micron, Intel, LSI, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, STEC, Cisco, Samsung, Marvell, and SanDisk.  NVM Express keynotes and tracks provided information about what is possible and there was a packed room to hear what all the experts had to say.  With the strong implementation of NVM SSD’s in the enterprise market I’m excited to see how NVM Express can help to boost performance.  I look forward to next week for the Intel Developers Forum September 11-13 in San Francisco at the Moscone center, so I can learn more and meet with the NVM Express experts at the NVM express Showcase.

There you have it. Looks like the Newbie and the Vet had a great time at Flash Memory Summit and there is strong interest in NVM Express. Hope to see you at the Intel Developers Forum.