NVM Express at Flash Memory Summit 2013


A lot has happened with NVM Express (NVMe) since last year’s Flash Memory Summit, the 1.1 specification was released, our first plugfest and the first NVMe PCIe SSD was announced. And while those events are going to be hard to top, 2013’s Flash Memory Summit is the perfect venue to kick off a new and exciting phase of NVMe. 

Interested in learning about NVMe? At Flash Memory Summit, there are multiple opportunities to get the latest on NVMe through two sessions and a the NVMe booth in the Exhibit Hall.

The first session is a pre-conference seminar titled Introduction to NVM Express (Seminar D). This seminar takes place on Monday, August 11 from 1-5pm and is targeted to provide information to companies interested in developing NVMe SSDs and supporting products.

The second session is titled NVMe and PCIe SSDs (A-11 & A-12). These sessions takes place on Tuesday from 8:30-11:20 and 3:15-4:25 and are designed to provide the latest on NVMe and information on NVMe uses and benefits for Enterprise and Consumers. The afternoon session will wrap up with a round table discussion led by Gartner’s Sergis Mushell. As a special incentive, attendees will have the opportunity to win an SSD or SD card compliments of Intel, Micron, Samsung, SanDisk and sTec.

NVMe will also have a booth (#215) in the exhibit hall to provide information and showcase product demos from Dell, Fastor Systems, Intel, SanDisk and sTec.

Flash Memory Summit 2013 takes place August 12–15, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Hope to see you there!