Linux driver 0.6 released!


I released a new version of the Linux NVMe driver today.

You can fetch it from;a=summary

I fixed a number of the review comments, including handling out-of-memory error conditions gracefully, supporting 32-bit userspace calling ioctl() with a 64-bit kernel and fixing the docbook comments to be real kerneldoc.

There are a few robustness fixes in this release based on experience debugging this driver with some prototype hardware.

This version supports multiple NVMe devices; there was an embarrassing bug where the driver would try to assign each device the same block major/minor number, causing sysfs to crash messily.  That’s now fixed, and one intrepid tester reports success using software RAID on top of two cards.

I also updated the compat code to build against RHEL 6 as well as some older kernel releases.  You can download that separately from

By the way, I’ll be giving a talk extolling the advantages of NVM Express talk at LinuxCon Japan today (@2pm — It’s already June 1 in Japan.


Matthew Wilcox
Intel Corporation