Curtis Ballard

Company Hewlett Packard Enterprise|Role Treasurer

Curtis Ballard is a Distinguished Technologist with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the HPE Storage organization where he works with the HPE architecture community on storage architecture, intellectual property, and storage technology strategy with a focus on enabling new storage technologies.  Curtis has over 25 years of experience in storage and storage interfaces technologies where he has worked in product design teams for storage arrays, storage enclosures, tape drives, tape libraries, and magneto optical drives.  He has developed hardware designs for storage interfaces and storage controllers as well as firmware for motion control, storage interfaces, user interface, and embedded operating systems.

In addition to Storage Platform development for HPE, Curtis also represents HPE in several industry organizations.  Curtis is a treasurer for the NVM Express Board of Directors, is a member of the SNIA Technical Council, and is the vice-chair of the INCITS/SCSI (T10) Storage Interfaces Technical Committee where he has been the editor for several SCSI standards.  He in an inventor on over 40 US patents in the storage industry across electrical, software, and mechanical disciplines