Inside Solid State Drives


We’re excited to announce that we just published a book that provides an in-depth look inside SSDs.  “Inside Solid State Drives (SSDs)” walks the reader through all the main topics related to SSDs: from NAND Flash to memory controller, from I/O interfaces (PCIe/SAS/SATA) to reliability, from error correction codes (BCH and LDPC) to encryption, from Flash signal processing to hybrid storage. NVMe is highlighted as a key standard for the host control interface that will get the most out of PCIe SSDs and drive adoption.

Besides the IDT authors, this book has many other contributing authors including Greg Wong of Forward Insights and Swapna Yasarapu of STEC.


Rino Micheloni, Alessia Marelli and Kam Eshghi
NVM Express Board Member