IDT Introduces Industry’s First NVMe Enterprise Controller


This week IDT introduced the industry’s first NVMe enterprise flash controllers!  This is exciting news, as IDT’s new programmable flash controllers enable SSD developers to lead the transition to standard-based NVMe SSDs, while differentiating with their own “secret sauce” firmware.  And these controllers enable server & storage OEMs to dramatically improve storage performance, while using standard NVMe drivers that simplifies qualification.

IDT’s new enterprise flash controller family  

IDT’s new enterprise flash controller family consists of two versions: 16 flash channels with PCIe x4 Gen 3 host interface (89HF16P04AG3) and 32 flash channels with PCIe x8 Gen 3 host interface (89HF32P08AG3).

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Kam Eshghi
NVMe Board member
Senior Director of Marketing, IDT