NVM Express at Flash Memory Summit 2020

NVM Express is planning to return to FMS 2020 on August 4-6 in Santa Clara, CA. Our program will provide organization and technology updates from leading industry experts.

Day One of the NVM Express sponsored track will feature the most up-to-date information on NVMe™ technology advancements, including the upcoming NVMe 2.0 specification, emerging technologies such as key value and zoned namespaces, NVMe-MI™ and NVMe-oF™ developments and more. Day Two will feature real-world use cases in the enterprise, cloud and hyperscale environments.

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, NVM Express is closely monitoring the status of FMS and similar industry events. NVM Express will adjust participation plans as new developments arise. For the latest FMS 2020 and COVID-19 updates, please visit the event website.

Below is a high-level schedule overview for the NVM Express hosted FMS 2020 sessions. For more detailed information, including the session abstracts and presenters, please download the following PDF file.

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, August 4


  • Session 1: Part One: NVM Express™ Annual Update 2020: NVMe™ State of Union
  • Session 1: Part Two: New NVMe™ 1.4 Specification Features: What They Are and How to Use Them
  • Session 1: Part Three: NVMe™ Specification 2.0 Preview


  • Session 2: Part One: NVMe-oF™ Specification Overview
  • Session 2: Part One: NVMe-MI™ Specification: Overview and New Developments


  • Session 3: Emerging NVMe™ Technologies: Zoned Namespaces and Key Value Updates


  • Session 4: NVMe™ Drivers Update: What’s New and What’s Coming

Wednesday, August 5


  • Session 1: NVMe™ Technology Solves Enterprise Demands


  • Session 2: NVMe™ Cloud Advancements


  • Session 3: Create Dynamic Storage Environments with NVMe-oF™ Technology


  • Session 4: NVMe™ Technology in the Real World

If you have questions, please contact the NVM Express PR team at nvme@nereus-worldwide.com.

NVM Express, Inc. at Flash Memory Summit 2019

The NVM Express™ organization was happy to serve as an association sponsor and host another NVMe™ presentation track at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019.

View the slides from the NVMe FMS 2019 presentation track:

Video recordings of these presentations will be made available on our YouTube Channel here.

Member Company Announcements from Flash Memory Summit 2019


NVM Express, Inc. at Flash Memory Summit 2018

NVM Express™, Inc. attended Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2018 on August 7-9 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. NVM Express, Inc. partnered with FMS to organize a conference track devoted exclusively to NVM Express technology. View the slides from the NVMe™ sponsored track:

Video recordings of these presentations can be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.

Member Company Announcements from Flash Memory Summit 2018