What does refactoring mean and why is NVM Express undertaking this task?

NVM Express 2.0 Specification/Refactoring

The initial NVMe specification family was not structured for extensibility, so we are optimizing the specifications for further evolution with the refactoring project. The new structure will enable innovation and take the technology back to the core values of speed, simplicity and scalability. The new extensible specification infrastructure will ultimately take the industry through the next phase of growth for NVMe while minimizing the impact on broadly deployed solutions.

Key aspects driving the refactor are:

  • Adding Fabrics as a core to NVMe
  • The elimination of duplication in data structures
  • Integration of NVMe and NVMe-oF base functions
  • Separate command set specs
  • Modular transport mapping layer PCIe transport separation, command set extensibility
  • Fabrics base integrations