VMware Offers NVMe Driver

VMware is very pleased to work with NVM Express and its broad ecosystem to deliver NVMe class driver to work with NVM Express compatible devices. VMware’s NVMe driver is available on vSphere platform for last two releases.

Broad Compatibility

VMware is committed to NVMe technology and its ecosystem to ensure future releases of vSphere and other applications take full advantage of promises offered by NVMe technology. Broad support of list NVMe drives and technologies on vSphere platform is available here ->

While VMware’s NVMe driver is compliant to various NVMe specification, we are also encouraging our ecosystem partner to innovate and bring their unique value on vSphere platform asynchronously using vSphere’s IOVP certification program. To support ecosystem innovation, VMware is making its NVMe driver source code available as part of BSD license on github: https://github.com/vmware/nvme. VMware believe it will accelerate broader ecosystem innovation in NVMe arena on vSphere platform.